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Commercial, Contract, Discrimination, Employment, Entertainment , Partnership Disputes, Personal Injury, Sexual Harassment, Sports and Entertainment, Workplace, Wrongful Termination


Hugo Rossitter is an experienced mediator in Los Angeles, convening mediations and settling disputes in advance of trial for more than 9 years. While his practice has focused on employment issues, including  discrimination, termination, harassment, and wage and hour, other settled matters have included personal injury, lemon law, public sector, real estate, entertainment, and contract matters.


Hugo provides private mediation services to litigants in matters throughout the Los Angeles and Southern California area and was a member of the former Los Angeles Superior Court Party Select Panel.


Mediations are held at private conference facilities in Beverly Hills. Hugo is a tenacious mediator who works until the case is settled. Lunch is provided to keep everyone focused.


Please see the Services page for mediation rates. Special discount rates apply for Limited Jurisdiction and Low Policy Limits cases.





Hugo has mediated numerous employment related cases, including wrongful discharge, FMLA violations, discrimination (age, race, sexual orientation, disability accommodation), wage and hour, FLSA overtime/exempt claims, and failure to hire. He is particularly knowledgeable with issues arising from public employment, including both civilian  and sworn police and fire personnel. He has resolved disputes involving personal injury, auto tort, real estate (including landlord-tenant), copyright, entertainment, auto lemon law and defamation matters. His mediation style is facilitative and is adapted to the dispute at hand.

A licensed real estate broker, he has been active in dispute resolution for the Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors, and has mediated disputes arising out of real estate transactions concerning both professional rules of conduct and landlord-tenant claims.

Hugo has twenty years of corporate experience in negotiating and administering employment, programming, sports rights (including the Lakers, Angels, and Kings), and labor agreements. He has negotiated over 300 collective bargaining agreements (including the Harlem Globetrotters, KCAL-TV, and America's Most Wanted). 

Presently employed as a Deputy City Attorney in the Labor Relations Division of the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney, he has represented the City of Los Angeles in labor negotiations and employment litigation, and works to resolve in-house employment claims and workplace violence threats.

He has a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a JD from King Hall, University of California, Davis

My state of the art private conference facilities are located at:

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