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Jeanine Hull, Esq. is principal mediator in our DC office. During her 30 year career in corporate law and litigation, Ms. Hull saw how unsatisfying the cour system is for most participants, even for those who win their cases. She turned to mediation for a more time, energy, and cost-efficient alternative. She currently mediates domestic and international commercial disputes and for Mediators Beyond Boarders.  She is a member of the Association For Conflict Resolution.

As Assistant General Counsel for a Fortune 300 company and counsel to start-up companies, Jeanine was regularly required to mediate complex personnel disputes, intra-company turf battles, feuding Boards of Directors, and contractual disputes with other companies.

As a wife and mother, Jeanine knows the value of mediation in dealing with difficult family situations and strengthening connection and relationship, not only with her husband and son, but with her parents, in-laws, and siblings. 

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•A 15 minute telephone consultation in which you can tell us about a problem and experience transformative mediation. People often find this conversation to be useful and learn something that they can apply immediately;
•The amazing article, Empowerment & Responsiveness, a provocative introduction to Transformative Mediation.

Here's an excerpt ...

If you are like most people, you think that the way to solve a problem is to compromise and to accept that each side cannot get everything they wanted. Most likely, you see hostility and distrust between each other as obstacles to a solution.

Either you avoid conflict and make concessions readily in order to reach agreement.  You want an amicable resolution but you often end up feeling exploited and bitter.

Or, you see conflict as a contest of wills in which the side that holds firm and holds out longer fares better. You want to win, yet often you end up producing an equally hard response from the other side exhausting you, your resources, and the relationship.

There is another way.

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