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Jennifer J. Stevens is the founding attorney of Stevens Family Law & Mediation PLLC located in Burnsville, Minnesota where she concentrates her practice exclusively in the area of family law.  Jennifer provides services in alternative dispute resolution as a family law mediator and early neutral evaluator, including SENE (social early neutral evaluations) and FENE (financial early neutral evaluations).  Jennifer also provides legal representation for divorce, including collaborative or cooperative divorce.

Jennifer has the knowledge and experience to settle your case.  After years of litigating family law cases at a prominent law firm in Indianapolis, Indiana, Jennifer has the experience to resolve simple or complex divorce cases, including high-asset divorce cases and complex child custody cases.  For over a decade, South Metro family law attorney Jennifer J. Stevens has zealously represented clients with all types of family law issues including: 

  • divorce & legal separation;
  • child custody;
  • child support;
  • parenting time;
  • paternity;
  • post-decree modifications & enforcement;
  • contempt actions; and,
  • emancipation.

Among her accomplishments, she was listed as a “Rising Star” with Indianapolis Super Lawyers in 2015 and 2016.

The Attention You Deserve.

From the initial consultation and ongoing throughout your case, Jennifer works hard to develop a working relationship of trust, understanding, and mutual respect.  Jennifer takes the time to listen to you and provide you with legal and practical advice.  Learning about your goals and your fears are paramount in family law cases.  Understanding that talking through the different aspects of your case will help reduce anxiety and stress, Jennifer strives to communicate with you throughout your case to keep you informed of each important step in the process.   

In addition to her litigation practice, Jennifer is committed to resolving your family law case through alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  Jennifer is Rule 114 Qualified Neutral and listed on the Minnesota Supreme Court Roster.  Jennifer can serve as a mediator in your case or an early neutral evaluator.  In both circumstances, Jennifer is a third-party neutral and assists you in reaching a settlement in your case.  Her commitment to the private resolution of family issues that promotes the preservation of vital family relationships, and her calm demeanor and sensitivity in the face of emotional challenges make her the ideal choice as a mediator or early neutral evaluator for your family law matters. 

We Know You’re Scared.  Let us help.

When you are looking for a family law attorney or a mediator, you want someone who is both a litigator and a negotiator.  You want someone who puts negotiation first and wants to settle your case.  Should negotiations fail, you want someone that understands the ins and outs of the court process.  Throughout her years of experience, Jennifer learned there are ways to resolve cases without resorting to aggressive legal strategies and she will strive to guide your case in such a way.  Aggressive legal tactics are not only costly and time consuming, but also damaging to vital family relationships.  When establishing her own practice in Minnesota, it was imperative she continued to practice in the same manner that steered clients away from litigation, while still providing competent representation.  Jennifer’s goal is to help settle your case in a way that facilitates preserving and protecting vital family relationships.  Divorce is hard and you are scared.  You are scared what your future holds with respect to relationships and finances.  Your relationships do not need to be destroyed to have a successful divorce.  We will also work to minimize the impact divorce has on your finances.  With Jennifer’s guidance, together we can accomplish a more

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