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John Barone is the Founder of Barone Law Firm. He has dedicated his life to serving the public and is a strong advocate for clients of all backgrounds. Mr. Barone is actively involved in the legal community and is a member of the New Jersey Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and various local associations dedicated to the advancement of the legal profession. John is a graduate of Seton Hall School of Law where he earned the acclaimed American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Scholarship and Clinical Legal Education Association Outstanding Student Award.

Prior to founding Barone Law Firm, John owned a successful Divorce Mediation Practice, he served as a Law Clerk for a prestigious matrimonial law firm, and represented clients with Essex-Newark Legal Services. Most notably, John served with the Seton Hall Law Center for Social Justice where he successfully negotiated a settlement in an International Custody Case.

In addition to being a talented lawyer, John is a Police Sergeant with the Jersey City Police Department. Throughout his police career he has become a leader in his department serving as a Field Training Officer for new recruits, a Crime Scene Technician in the Bureau of Criminal Identification, and most notably as member of the New Jersey Crisis Intervention Team, John responds to calls when a Crisis/Hostage negotiator is needed.

Whether you’re looking for a lawyer to negotiate or fight for your rights, John Barone is a proven leader and an Attorney that you want on your side. For a free consultation with John call 201-474-7192 or fill out the contact form below.

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