John W. Hughes


Dallas, Texas 75201


Commercial, Construction, Contract, Employment, Energy, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Oil and Gas, Partnership Disputes, Personal Injury

John W. Hughes is a sole practitioner who has 40 years of legal and business experience. His practice is now limited to mediation and arbitration. After obtaining his certification in 1992 by Dispute Resolution Services of Tarrant County, Mr. Hughes and his staff have scheduled and mediated more than 5,000 diverse cases (many were complicated multi-party cases with as many as 48 different parties). He is a problem solver and is known for his ability to find professional, creative, and innovative solutions to conflicts.


After graduating from Baylor Law School in 1967, Mr. Hughes practiced law with Hardwick, Haddaway & Pope, Kelly Jacobs, and Simon & Simon, all in Fort Worth; started his own firm in 1980, Hughes & Langston; from 1984 to 1991 he was in the oil & gas, real estate, and manufacturing business; 1991 joined the firm of Simon, Anisman, Doby, Wilson & Skillern; in 1996 started full time mediating in the firm of Garrison & Hughes; and from 2000 to present has a solo practice in mediation and arbitration.


He has tried cases in Federal and State Courts, in Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma.


He is experienced in complicated civil and business litigation. Areas of litigation have included oil & gas, SEC fraud, property, construction, business disputes, intellectual property, and personal injury.


The range of disputes mediated/arbitrated have been as follows:


 • Oil and Gas

 • Construction (Contract , Defects, and     Performance)

 • Insurance Disputes • Business Disputes

 • Commercial Transactions • Contracts

 • Real Estate Transactions • Title Disputes

 • Eminent Domain • Estate & Probate

 • Trust & Foundation Disputes • Guardianship Disputes

 • Intellectual Property Rights

 • Labor(Harassment, Discrimination,Contractual, and Non-Competition)

 • Negligence • Fraud

 • Unfair Debt Collection

 • Violation of Civil Rights

 • American Disabilities Violations

 • Wrongful Death

 • Malpractice (Architectural, Engineering, Medical, and Legal)

 • Airplane and Helicopter Crashes

 • Personal Injury

 • Family Law



Having started and operated several companies in real estate, oil and gas exploration, and the manufacturing and marketing of industrial equipment and products, Mr. Hughes brings a unique perspective to the mediation process. His experience inside and outside of the courthouse allows him to deal effectively with business transactions, operations, and human resource conflicts from a legal and layman’s point of view.


In addition, Mr. Hughes is certified in Family Law Mediation by the Dispute Resolution Services of Tarrant County. Mr. Hughes has completed the required courses for all civil law and family law mediations.

We provide mediation and arbitration services.


• Mediation in civil disputes

• Mediation scheduling

• Mediator will travel

• Form settlement agreements

• Post mediation notice to courts if needed

• Preparation for and follow-up to mediation

• Knowledgeable office staff

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