Joseph Caulfield

Joseph Caulfield, Esq.

126 Perham Corner Road
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Business, Child Custody, Civil, Collaborative Law, Divorce, Elder, Family, Personal Injury, Probate

After graduating fromBoston Latin School in 1967, I attended BostonCollege.  There, I majored in English and Comparative Religion, graduating in 1971. I then attended SuffolkLawSchool where I received the degree of Juris Doctor Cum Laude in 1974.


I began practicing law in downtown Boston, following a family tradition. I also accepted a teaching position in SuffolkLawSchoolin 1975, where I became an Executive Director of Legal Assistance, lecturing in Family Law Practice and Trial Tactics.  I taught a clinical course for 3rd year law students, running a legal assistance bureau inCharlestown, representing battered women from the inner city,


I am admitted to practice law in MA, NH, VT and the Federal Bar and have tried more than 1,000 cases in the last 37 years.  I was a member of the CJA Panel for the US District Court, District of NH, 2004-2010, qualified to represent criminal defendants in general and complex crimes.


I am a Certified Guardian ad Litem in MA and NH and the President of the NH Guardian ad Litem Association.


I am a Certified Family Mediator, Founding Member-Advanced Mediator,AcademyOfProfessionalFamily Mediators, and Member of Board of Directors of the NH Conflict Resolution Association.


I am a Member of International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the Collaborative Law Association of New Hampshire.


I have published and lectured in the areas of law, mediation, comparative religion, and the martial arts and currently teach online forUniversityofPhoenix.


When not practicing law, I teach martial arts. I am the Founder and Chief Instructor of Black Sword Aikido. My approach and philosophy in mediating is heavily influenced by my aikido training. I have been practicing aikido for 38 years, and I hold a Godan, 5th Degree, black belt from Aikikai Hombu, as well as black belts and instructor ranks in other martial arts. In other words, I tend to use the aikido techniques of entering, blending and moving off the line to diffuse resistance, resentment, and anger, and to allow for the possibility of reconciliation.


I am also a close-up and stage magician. As such, I am the New England Vice President of the Society of American Magicians and the President of Assembly 118 Nashua.


I am a Mediator, Guardian ad Litem, and Collaborative Law Practitioner, with 37 years of experience in trying cases. Therefore, I can share my experience of what a Court is likely to do and what it would cost a party in attorney fees and other costs to litigate, rather than mediate a case.




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