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Adoption, Alimony, Assisted Reproductive Technology, Child Abuse, Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Community Property, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Family, Father's Rights, Foster Care, Jewish Divorce, Juvenile, Marital Property, Reproductive Law, Restorative Justice, Same Sex Disputes, Spousal Support

Julie was born and raised in Southern California. When her parents divorced, the sunshine outside did not match the emotions inside. Julie understands the emotional pain you and your children are going through. She is a supportive ear and fierce advocate. Upon her graduation from University of California at Santa Barbara, Julie began a successful career in the television and film management side of Los Angeles' entertainment industry. Julie negotiated employment contracts for television and film stars and worked with top agents and managers. She was accepted into the Academy of Television and Film as a member, and is still a member. After ten years, she set out to advocate for those more in need.

Julie finds working with parents and foster children in juvenile dependency extremely rewarding. She helps mothers and fathers tackle real world issues such as substance abuse and helps reunite them with their children. Julie enjoys fighting for the best interests and educational rights of the foster children.

Julie's talents in trial advocacy and dispute resolution make her an excellent choice to represent you in your family law or juvenile dependency case. She is up to date on current laws for probate and family law guardianships and conservatorships, adoptions, child custody, restraining orders, and divorce issues. Julie will work with you to draft a pre- or post-marital agreement, a surrogacy contract or a sperm donation agreement.

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