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My focus now is on practicing and promoting Collaboration and Mediation as alternatives to litigation in divorce proceedings. I absolutely do not support going to court as a means of going through what is already a difficult and painful experience for you and your family. My focus is to help you understand the legal system and the law as it relates to Dissolution of Marriage, to provide support, counsel and advice to you and let you make your own decisions. I am here to guide you through the process and let YOU make the important decisions that will affect the rest of your life as well as your children's.

education and training

  • *I hold a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara, a Paralegal Certificate from the University of Santa Clara Institute for Paralegal Education and a Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University. I was admitted to practice law in 1984 and have practiced only Family Law my entire career. I am a Santa Clara County Family Law Attorney.

  • *I was trained in divorce mediation in 1989 in an extensive 40 hour course

  • *I took my first Collaborative training in 1995 and my Collaborative Divorce Team training in 1997

  • *I have continued to take and teach courses in interest-based negotiation and collaboration each year since then

My experience

  • *I began mediating in the early 1990’s in my role as appointed counsel for children.  I often worked with parents who did not have lawyers and helped them work together for the benefit of their children;

  • *I began my collaborative practice in 1997 and had my first case in 1998.  I have completed over 50 collaborative cases since then.  I am considered one of the pioneers in the area of collaboration

  • *I was a litigator in high conflict custody cases early in my career so I know the pain divorce causes children

I teach

  • *I teach Collaborative Practice skills and techniques to other attorneys.

  • *I have co-written, developed and taught one of the first semester courses in Collaborative Law in the U.S. at Santa Clara University Law School

  • *I have guest lectured both at Santa Clara and Lincoln Law schools.

I help the Courts

  • *I work with the local Family Court to develop and implement  programs focused on Alternate Dispute resolution for families. 

Awards, honors and accolades

  • *2012 recipient of the Eureka Award presented by Collaborative Practice California for dedication to the advancement and progress of collaboration in California

  • *One of six founders of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (www.collaborativepractice.com). 

  • *One of the early members and leaders of the organization now known as Collaborative Practice Silicon Valley (www.cpsv.us

  • *1989 recipient of the Bryl R. Salsman award presented by the Santa Clara County Bar Association for contributions to the community worthy of special merit

Divorce Sucks. Going to Court is worse.

Most people separating and divorcing are afraid, sad and unsure about the future. Do you really want a lawyer who makes it worse?

Divorces in court are very public, expensive, stressful, time consuming and excruciating. The atmosphere is grim and it is a nightmare for the inexperienced. Going to court is like taking a knife and twisting it in an already bleeding wound.
BUT, it doesn't have to be like that…

Come where litigation is not allowed:
Here at the Mediation and Collaborative practice Offices of Karen Drury Russell serving the Campbell and San Jose areas, litigation is neither allowed nor needed. You are valued in the Mediation and Collaborative Processes. We will discuss all aspects of your divorce including child support, spousal support, parenting and property division without court intervention

Calm and safe:
The office provides a soothing atmosphere and calm, safe place for agreement where everyone is treated with civility, dignity, respect and compassion. We will work on solutions that work well for you and your family in a non-adversarial manner.

The future becomes clearer:
Once we have worked together to discuss your situation, your questions are answered, the chaos of divorce has calmed and you begin to see the roadmap for your future, all without court involvement.

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