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Laura McGee J.D. is the founder and vision behind Leave Strong Divorce Services. Laura graduated from one of the top law schools in Canada, University of British Columbia, in 1984. She began her professional career as a personal injury attorney where she learned to work with clients in the midst of life altering tragedies. At the age of 32, Laura purchased the law firm she had been working for and expanded the practice. In the mid-1990's Laura began her training as a mediator. Laura has accumulated over 300 hours in Alternative Dispute Resolution training with certificates from the University of Windsor, the Justice Institute of British Columbia, the Law Society of British Columbia, New Ways For Families in San Diego, and USD. She also stays current with the California divorce laws by taking annual Family Law Continuing Education updates.

Laura teaches mediaton trainings, mentors, and offers herself as a resource to other mediators. Since founding Leave Strong Divorce Services in January of 2011, Laura'sentire practice has been exclusively limited to divorce mediation and divorce coaching. Laura has become known for the compassion, wisdom, and attention to detail she brings to the divorce process.  Her ability to help her clients communicate through the conflict, chaos, and stress of divorce truly sets her apart from other mediators. As your divorce mediator or coach, Laura will help you find your voice so you can be heard and fully participate in the divorce process and arrive at a sustainable agreement which Laura will draft into your comprehensive Marital Settlement Agreement.

Laura resides and runs her business in Carlsbad, California. You don’t have to live close by to take advantage of the Leave Strong Divorce Services; she works with clients in person, by phone, and via Skype.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a cost-conscious, private, high integrity alternative to a litigated divorce. When couples choose to mediate their divorce, they not only avoid the costly and slow moving court system, they have the opportunity to negotiate a divorce settlement that is customized to their circumstances. They stay in control of their family plan.

Couples experience such a deep sense of accomplishment andtypically greater empathy for one another when they come to the table and work through what could have been barriers to settlement. If you and your spouse are looking for a conflict-managed way to end your marriage, mediation with Laura McGee will literally save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and accelerate you through your divorce process.

?Laura will ensure you are each fully prepared before you begin your mediation so no time is wasted. Together you will set an agenda, strengthen and confirm areas of agreement, and mediate those issues that still need resolution or fine tuning. Laura fills out the required divorce paperwork and drafts your Marital Settlement Agreement as part of your divorce mediation process. You will never have to appear in court.

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