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Banking, Business Law, Civil, Commercial, Commercial Real Estate, Complex Civil, Foreclosure, Partnership Disputes, Real Estate

In her experience, Lisa knows that successfully representing her clients’ interests goes beyond understanding every fact and nuance in the law.

For almost two decades, Lisa litigated a full spectrum of commercial disputes and real estate matters throughout Georgia’s state and superior courts, as well as in The United States District Courts of Georgia. She continues to aggressively prosecute and defend corporate clients and individuals with her specialized litigation skills and training. As a litigation manager for several law firm teams and in-house counsel, Lisa combines knowledge and leaderships skills with strategic due diligence and an affinity for mentoring attorneys and paralegals. An avid chess player and former special educator, Lisa gives her clients the big-picture overview of what her team will advocate on their behalf and the steps involved in the process to keep the clients informed and aware of each strategic step in the litigation process.

Lisa represents plaintiffs and defendants, ranging in size from individuals to multi-state corporations to financial institutions in commercial and real estate cases.


Mediation may offer you a faster, more cost-effective resolution to a business dispute than a long, drawn-out court proceeding that frequently becomes an “all or nothing” proposition.

Mediation creates an environment in which both parties in a dispute are more amenable to resolving their issues through negotiation.

Under the direction of a facilitator, both sides can present facts and offer solutions in closed conference room instead of an open courtroom. Legal representation is not required in mediation, but it can helpful to make sure parties understand all the ramifications of what they agree to. Each side in mediation has the ability to consult privately with an attorney or other expert.

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