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Twenty-five years of experience in health care, compliance, administrative/regulatory, employment, and general business law to clients nationwide. LeBar takes a proactive approach to legal services while understanding the client's needs and delivering tailored solutions. Handle wide range of health law compliance and business issues and currently work with clients dealing with issues with regulators in over 41 states involving Long Term Care, Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement, licensing, and general regulatory/administrative law issues. Advise on the legal needs of the long-term care industry as they navigate through the many corporate laws and regulations mandated for licensing, Medicare and Medicaid certification as well as reimbursement, certificate of need, human resources, advertising, and consumer protection. Currently certified as a Health Care Compliance professional and have implemented and prepared several compliance program plans for publicly and privately held companies and counsel for health care providers currently under a Corporate Integrity Agreement. Served as IPO regulatory counsel for several Wall Street financial underwriters taking a national senior living company having more than 380 facilities public. Travel throughout the US conducting due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, evaluating systems, regulatory compliance, policies, and procedures and perform risk analysis of operations in Long Term Care Facilities, Home Health, Hospice, Physician Practices, Durable Medical Equipment, and Pharmacy. Prepare change of ownership documents and play a major role in many startup operations in many different health care disciplines, including pharmacies, long-term care facilities and home health agencies. Also provide day to day advice on issues ranging from general business to employment matters, training, and development to a variety of companies.

Participated in the drafting of assisted living laws in Delaware, Texas, and Alabama and worked on Tort Reform in Florida and Texas. Continue to represent individual and corporate health care providers before various state professional licensing boards defending licenses, etc. LeBar continues to work with clients to determine their survey readiness before the surveyors arrive and keeps clients in compliance with OBRA and state regulations while teaching clients how to manage the survey process.

While a Deputy Attorney General in Delaware prosecuted health care professionals before the Boards of Pharmacy, Health, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing Home Administrators, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Veterinary and Social Workers. Counsel to Delaware's first Ethics Commission, and counsel to the Board of Social Workers, Board of Plumbers, and the Commission on Radioactive Materials. Also was Delaware's first "AIDS" attorney with the responsibility of training all court personnel on the issues surrounding AIDS and the judicial system. Also the attorney for the Delaware State Hospital and Delaware's long-term care facilities. Drafted many laws and regulations, some that have served as models in many states across the country such as those for the involuntary commitment of individuals with tuberculosis and revised the state's involuntary commitment laws. Provided day-to-day counsel to the division responsible for health care facilities' licensing and certification. Participated in the review and prosecution of regulatory deficiencies, the investigation of complaints, facility plan reviews and the promulgation of regulations. Worked closely with federal representatives of HCFA, now CMS, and the US Department of Justice and the Delaware Medicaid Fraud Unit. Successfully represented the state in a major judicial challenge to the Certificate of Need Board ruling. Presently successfully represent health care professionals and companies before the US Department of Justice when being targeted for both civil and criminal violations of various reimbursement regulations and false claim submission.

Other assistance to operations improvement includes campus/community repositioning, organizational restructuring, program efficiency assessment, staffing review by department, service delivery relating to resident contracts and agreement, appropriate pricing for level of care services, cost containment opportunities by department, and developing benchmarking of key operational indicators.

Have served as Sr. Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance for a nursing home company with fifteen facilities in Kansas and Nebraska; provide legal advice to a publicly traded long term care company with facilities in twenty-six states; and am Corporate Compliance Officer for an assisted living company with fifteen facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. In addition, presenting working with a national long term care expert in getting funding and developing a long term care facility in northern California and assisting in raising capital for the final stages in bringing a medical device through research and into the market. Lastly, provide due diligence on regulatory and operational review of long term care facilities for public traded REIT and investment brokers.

For twenty five years, Loretta LeBar has represented senior housing, assisted living, long term care providers, home health, hospice providers as well as individual health care professionals such as physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers and long term care administrators and executive directors across the United States. She continues to provide her clients with a broad range of legal services including representation before professional licensing boards, assistance with regulatory compliance, Certificate of Need issues, fraud and abuse, contracting, licensing and certification, counseling regarding compliance with the Fair Housing Act, reimbursement and audit issues, union and labor relations, mock surveys, operations turnarounds and strategic planning, labor and employment and risk management. LeBar also acts as outside general counsel, regulatory counsel, and compliance officer for several regional and small providers. Due diligence services are available to buyers with transaction documentation preparation and negotiation representation for mergers or acquisitions for both buyers and sellers.

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There is no substitute for enlisting the aid of a competent, professional law firm to guide you through the intricacies of the complex legal arena of health law and working with state and federal regulators. You will find that Ms. LeBar's commitment to quality representation begins with 24/7 responses to your inquiries and needs. Ms. LeBar travels across the country and to Alaska and Hawaii and beyond to provide services to her clients. Ms. LeBar provides legal services to retainer clients as well as flat and hourly fee projects.

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