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Child Custody, Collaborative Law, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Family, Guardianship, Juvenile, Legal Separation, Same Sex Disputes

Lynn Aaby has worked as an advocate for families for twenty-eight years as an attorney, mediator, Guardian ad Litem and Co-parenting mediator and Parenting Coordinator.  Lynn's practice is focused on mediation and co-parenting work assisting people with divorce, custody, financial issues and property issues to reach a divorce resolution that is right for their family.  Lynn works with each family to create parenting plans and final divorce decrees which are right for them and their children.  Lynn encourages open communication and creativity when discussing the difficult issues which must be addressed in the divorce and parenting process.

Lynn works with parents following divorce in co-parenting mediation and Parenting Coordination.  Parents are able to meet with Lynn to discuss the issues which need to be discussed in order to allow them to raise their children following their divorce.  Lynn assists parents to communicate openly and respectfully regarding parenting decisions, reaching agreements which allow both parents to focus on their children.

Divorce and separation are difficult.  Lynn offers a compassionate and realistic alternative to litigation.  Once parents reach final decisions Lynn works with them to prepare the proper documents required by the New Hampshire Family courts and provides information on the filing of the final documents so that divorce documents may be properly filed in the court and a final divorce decree can be issued without the parents appearing in the Court.

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WichitaStateUniversity                           B.A. Sociology   

Wichita,Kansas                                     English Literature                                                       1977      


Northeastern University


Boston,Mass.                                         J.D.                                                                           1985




Bar Admission                                  New HampshireSupreme Court                                     1985 – Present

                                                        United StatesDistrict Court, District                      

                                                        Of New Hampshire


Marital Mediator                              New HampshireMarital Mediator                                       2006 – Present

                                                       Certification Board                                                                                         




Staff Attorney                                   New Hampshire                                                             1985 – 1994

                                                        Public Defender

                                                        117 North State Street



Attorney                                           Marshall Law Office                                                      1994 – 2006

                                                        47 Depot Road  

                                                        East Kingston,N.H.


Attorney                                           Law Office of Lynn E. Aaby                                         2006 – present

                                                        19 A-2 Hampton Road                                  



Guardian ad Litem                          Law Office of Lynn E. Aaby                                          1995 – present

                                                       19 A-2 Hampton Road



Mediator                                         Law Office of Lynn E. Aaby                                           2006 - present

                                                       19 A-2 Hampton Road  



Parenting Coordinator                    Law Office of Lynn E. Aaby                                           2008 – present

                                                      19 A-2 Hampton Road


1 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 125

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Phone:  603-776-0470

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