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Chapin Consulting, LLC

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401


Civil, Commercial, Construction, Employment, HOA, Insurance, Personal Injury, Property/Casualty, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death

Zealous advocate. Trusted advisor.

A trusted legal advisor, zealous advocate, and tenacious trial attorney, Chapin provides comprehensive representation, legal solutions, and peace of mind for individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Licensed in Minnesota since 1985, Chapin earned his law degree at William Mitchell College of Law (1985) and his B.A. in English Language & Literature from Yale University (1982). He has handled thousands of cases throughout his career and achieved record verdicts and settlements for his clients. A creative strategist, strong communicator, and powerful advocate for his clients, Chapin practices law with integrity and is committed to excellent service.

Beyond the law office and the courtroom, Chapin is a husband, father, and active volunteer. His love and appreciation for nature and wildlife has led to hobbies and activities as far ranging as fishing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain climbing, gardening, and bird watching.  He loves to spend time with family members and friends on frozen lakes in the winter and mountain tops in the summer.

Residents of Eden Prairie, Minnesota since 1989, Chapin and his wife have two daughters, now in their twenties.

True legal expertise.

Made personal.

I deal with legal issues every day. But I understand that my clients don’t.

I realize that legal matters and even attorneys can be intimidating.

I want my clients to feel comfortable with me, and with the law.

I provide them with clear information, treat them with respect, and keep them informed about their case, every step of the way.

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