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Elder, Healthcare, Insurance, Nursing Home, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Transportation, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death

Six Compelling Reasons

1 Miriam understands that the courtroom is not the only venue for settling disputes, but when litigation is the only option, she helps you build a strong defense.

2 Miriam has several years of experience working with business owners and individuals, resolving a variety of disputes. Whether the matter involves the need for retail defense or has to do with a workers’ compensation claim, she is prepared to protect your business.

3 Miriam knows businesses do not have an unlimited budget for resolving disputes. Her fees are reasonable for all matters, whether they are settled in a courtroom or through an alternative dispute resolution method.

4 Miriam has a wide variety of experience and has spent many years working in the Indiana legal system. Regardless of the subject matter, she invests the time and effort it takes to understand the issue to provide the best facilitation possible to help you resolve your dispute.

5 Miriam provides an honest and experienced assessment of every case. You deserve to understand your options and be aware of the risks associated with settling your dispute in the courtroom or through ADR.

6 Miriam is familiar with local, state, and federal laws, and will help you understand how they apply to your business. You never need to worry about a lack of information or guidance when working with Miriam, regardless whether you pursue litigation or opt for mediation or arbitration.

Advocate, neutral, speaker

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