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In Mediation among the various parties, the mediator is the neutral, helping facilitate overall resolution of the conflict, regardless of the number of parties involved, or issues involved. The mediator strives to keep communication and negotiations from breaking down, allowing for an outcome that both parties have influence over, rather than leaving it to the understanding (or failure to understand) of a judge or jury.

Mediation is particularly appropriate for conflicts or disputes where emotions may be involved. All parties have this opportunity to save a substantial amount of time and expense, though mediation is not recommended for parties who simply want “their day in court” – easy to say, yet then living with the outcome – or unwilling to cooperatively communicate toward a successful resolution which could be achieved months or even years earlier. All cases come to a close, sometime.


Mediation and arbitration are different than sitting through a lengthy court hearing.

Mediation is an option that allows disputing parties to decide if you will agree on a settlement by working together with a third-party, neutral mediator. A mediator serves as an intermediary and works to counsel both you and your disputing party as you work towards a fair and practical settlement.

With our personal counsel in Towson, MD, we can customize your disagreement to the needs of both you and your disputing party, if need be, to reach a favorable resolution quicker.  Often a lawyer or other legal authority is present during this process, but this individual cannot enforce the decision.

Mediation is an effective way to settle civil disputes outside of a trial. This procedure is often more informal and allows settlement agreements to be reached more quickly and cost-effectively than traditional legal channels.

Arbitration includes an independent third-party arbitrator who makes binding decisions on your disputed issue based on the information, evidence, and statements you provide.

Utilize this process if you and your disputing party have not been able to settle a dispute through mediation or if you have contracts that require that any dispute be resolved through arbitration, rather than going the legal route. The award issued by an arbitrator is legally binding and enforceable by law.

All cases, conflicts, and claims come to a close at some point. A fresh perspective may prove beneficial in moving toward a satisfactory resolution with our counsel. Accessibility, responsiveness, and accurate, timely advice are essential to you and are a top priority for us. Call Blackstone Mediation in Towson, MD for help with your legal issue.

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