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Divorce Mediation / Parenting Plans

I am experienced and trained in working with divorcing couples as they work through very emotional tasks of dividing assets/debt and most importantly constructing parenting plans for their children.  In these situations, my role is to maintain a civil and productive process.  I do not give legal advice to either party.  It is my role to help those going through the process of terminating their marriage to work together for a mutually acceptable outcome.  The main focus and objective will be to keep the children at the heart of all decisions.  I am committed to the well-being of the children impacted by divorce so my focus is to guide divorcing couples to design a plan that best suits their children.

Mediation can help all parties involved

A divorce may end a marriage but it does not end the necessity of establishing and maintaining a positive, working relationship for the benefit of the children from their marriage.  The need to maintain this civil and well-mannered relationship may be needed for many years depending on the age of the children.  Mediation is an excellent option to work through the necessary decisions that must be made in these emotionally charged situations.

These conversations are very effective when led by a mediator. I am a neutral guide and experienced in managing the dynamics of such conversations. Another powerful component is that decisions are mutually created and agreed upon. It is my role to keep both parties equally empowered to make these critical decisions for themselves and their children.

Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace is a common problem and often pushed aside to “go away on its own” or solutions are quickly dictated in an attempt to remove the problem from the workplace. However, neither of these approaches is effective. Dispute in the workplace injures the potential of employees, their work and the overall performance of their workplace (business, school etc…).

For schools and businesses it limits the capacity for people to work constructively together, if they can manage to work together at all. Conflict in the workplace also influences those not directly involved in the dispute. Their work is often negatively impacted by the troubles of individual employees or work teams. For managers, conflict within/between teams or individuals is time consuming, decreases productivity and the overall working climate is damaged.

Put my years of experience to work for your organization

I am highly trained and have 16 years-experience in utilizing effective conflict resolution techniques and strategies.  Managers, supervisors and administrators are often not trained in these strategies nor is there time available to manage such a process.  Further, it is often avoided because managers/administrators also must maintain ongoing relationships with those involved in the conflict which creates reluctance to address the conflict.

Most people will be initially very reluctant to engage in mediation as they do not like confronting the problem.  As a third party, I am able to work with conflict without such constraints or concerns stifling my ability to address issues.

Peggy Zappone’s training and experience in mediation are extensive.  After completing a three year certification program through the Dispute Resolution Center of Snohomish and Island Counties, she has continued to deepen her skills through training provided by the Federal Mediation Conciliation Services.

Peggy’s mediation experience from the past 16 years includes:

Family (parenting plans)
Large group facilitation
Small claims
Landlord/Tenant disputes


MA Degree:          Mediation/Education, Antioch University, Seattle, WA (1996)
BA Degree:          History, Washington State University, Pullman, WA (1981)

  • Human Resources in Education Leadership Certification (2013)
  • Principal Certification (2002)
  • Mediation Certification, Dispute Resolution Center of Snohomish and Island Counties (1997)
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