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Phil Pfaffly graduated from Drake University in 1970 Phi Beta Kappa and went to Duke Law School, graduating in 1973.  After graduation, he worked with a number of Twin Cities law firms doing trial work for 38 years.  Initially involved in defense work for insurers and their insured clients, Phil’s practice evolved into plaintiffs’ work.  In 1992 he obtained the largest personal injury verdict in Minnesota history, and in 1993 he became a partner in Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, where he concentrated on mass torts and medical malpractice work.  Phil was elected as a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and has served as a national board member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, two of the highest honors a trial lawyer can achieve.  He has been active in alternative dispute resolution since his education and recognition as a qualified neutral by the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1995.  Phil has arbitrated and successfully mediated hundreds of cases involving thousands of claims in Minnesota, Arizona, California, North Dakota, New York, Ohio, Utah, Illinois, Washington, Louisiana, Connecticut, Nevada, Georgia, and Washington D.C.  His unusual background as both defense lawyer and plaintiffs’ lawyer has given him a unique perspective into settlement of cases involving medical or scientific issues that few lawyers possess.  Currently admitted in Minnesota and Arizona, Phil is now concentrating only on mediations and arbitrations.  In recent years he has developed a subspecialty dealing with medical negligence cases and food borne illness cases, handling thousands of the latter including many of the largest individual cases in the country over the past ten years. In addition, he has negotiated settlements in cases arising from oil rig explosions in western North Dakota.

Arizona and Minnesota Mediation Services 

Mediation is the most common and popular way to resolve disputes, including lawsuits.  I have mediated hundreds of cases involving thousands of different claims in thirteen states and the District of Columbia.  Generally my cases involve personal injury claims arising from medical negligence claims, product liability accidents, automobile crashes, or food borne illnesses, but have also been business disputes.  Originally a defense lawyer, and later in my career a trial specialist representing injured parties, I bring a bipartisan viewpoint to mediations.  As a thirty-eight year trial veteran, I have been involved in mediations on behalf of my clients before mediators all over the country.  This too has given me a perspective to “step into the shoes” of lawyers and clients on either side of a dispute.  I believe that mediations are successful because participants choose the outcome of the dispute, and I have never forced a result on any party.  Cases I have resolved have involved very little money, and tens of millions of dollars.  I am flexible, and will mediate in my offices in the Twin Cities, with four locations, including the IDS Center, in my conference room space in Scottsdale, AZ, or in other offices around the country.

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