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Richard Lewis has been a lawyer for more than 25 years, practicing the entire time in the Sacramento, California, area. He has extensive experience dealing with complex estate planning issues, providing him with the ability to effectively handle sophisticated plans for our clients.

In addition to his career in estate planning, Mr. Lewis also has experience in employment litigation, a background in accounting and is a member of the WealthCounsel, L.L.C. Visit the link below for more information about attorney Lewis.

When You Want Good Things To Happen To Good People ...

At The Law Offices of Richard A. Lewis, this is our motto. When establishing complex estate plans, the goals are to protect your assets while also minimizing the stress, cost and time your family members and other loved ones endure when receiving their inheritance. Unless your asset transfer objectives are laid out in a clear, legally effective manner, your heirs will be left to fight it out amongst themselves as they endure the grueling probate process.

A Track Record Of Success

We have established ourselves as a premier law firm providing exceptional estate planning representation marked by:

  • Understanding our clients: It would be impossible for us to help our clients reach their goals without finding out about them. We will take the time to understand your goals and all aspects of your finances so that we can provide appropriate services.
  • Commitment to communication: We will communicate with you and respond promptly to your inquiries throughout your case. Attorney Richard A. Lewis will explain the benefits and pitfalls of your various choices and talk you through all aspects of your estate plan.
  • Measured action: Because the establishment of an estate plan is a sacred act, we take all the time necessary to get everything right the first time. We want to make sure we take careful, measured action so that your estate plan will function as intended.
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