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A Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Bob Bordett has long helped couples, families and businesses make sound financial decisions through Alternative Dispute Resolution methods. Bob serves in the capacity of financial neutral and is a Registered Mediator and Registered Arbitrator with the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution.

In addition to his collaborative and mediation practice, Bob is also Senior Vice President of Consolidated Planning Corporation, and a member of both the Academy of Professional Family Mediators and the Association of Divorce Financial Planners.  He is also active with the Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, having served on their boards as well.

Couple and Family Services: Working together, reaching agreement.

Whether dealing with couples who are in dispute, separated or divorcing, or with family members in conflict over assets, Bob Bordett encourages his clients to brainstorm creative solutions to their differences. This results in greater ownership of the solution by everyone involved, and a greater chance for its success.

Along the way, Bob will provide one or more professional services including financial discovery (documentation/division of income, expenses, assets and debts); organization of finances; budget development; analysis of earning power; identification of personal vs. marital property; creation of alimony and child support models; evaluation of wills, estates, endowments and bequests, etc. Equally important, Bob presents the tax consequences of any decisions his clients may make – consequences they may not know about.

Couples and families have their choice of four settlement methods, based on what will work best for them. A brief summary of each is shown below.


As a mediator, Bob enables couples or family members to talk with each other openly, directly and even informally, guiding them to agreement on their financial issues. When mediation is court-ordered, he may also caucus (meet) with each party separately as he continues to negotiate matters between them. At the end of the mediation process, Bob drafts a “memorandum of understanding” summarizing the agreement.


Arbitration is a more structured process. As an arbitrator, Bob serves as a neutral third party, hearing testimony from those involved, their attorneys and others, and issues a binding or non-binding decision. Or he may serve as a financial expert, submitting his findings and recommendations to an appointed arbitrator.


In a collaborative financial negotiation, Bob assists the couple or family members who are represented by their respective attorneys. Following a financial analysis of all disclosed information, he provides comprehensive recommendations that will help the attorneys work together and guide their clients to a mutual agreement.


In this streamlined process designed for faster resolution, Bob provides financial analysis and submits a recommended plan. Then one party’s attorney drafts a proposed settlement, reviewed by the other party’s attorney for any revisions. Following their agreement, the couple or family members sign off on the settlement.

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