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Business, Commercial, Contract, Discrimination, Elder, Employment, Labor, Legal Malpractice, Partnership Disputes, Personal Injury, Sexual Harassment, Workplace


The disputes Ross Cerny mediates include many arising in the workplace:

-       Disciplinary actions

-       Sexual harassment claims

-       Violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act

-       Claims of discrimination (based upon race, gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, and religion)

-       Additional matters that Ross mediates include contractual disputes, personal injury claims and elder abuse


Participants in mediation have included:

-       Colleges and Universities (Americans with Disabilities claims; gender discrimination)

-       School districts (employment conditions; job-related injuries)

-       Hospitals (employment conditions; wage and hour claims)

-       Restaurants (wage and hour; national origin)

-       Law enforcement agencies (disparate promotion policies)

-       Municipalities, utility districts and other governmental entities. 



International Ombudsman Association;

Association for Conflict Resolution;

Southern California Business Ethics Roundtable;

California State Bar

-       Co-founder and Interim Training Coordinator of Adult Resolutions & Mediation Services (ARMS 2008-2011),

-       developing professional education programs/mediator training for decision-making/dispute resolution for issues encountered in the aging process.


Volunteer facilitator of roundtable discussions on issues of public interest:

-       Institute for Nonviolence in Los Angeles (2012-2013) race relations

-       America Speaks (2007-2010) healthcare, universal access to broadband, national budget


Volunteer coach:

-       L.A. City Attorney Dispute Resolution Services (2013) basic mediation skills

-       Western Justice Center (2012-2013) secondary teachers training to be mediators

-       Western Justice Center (2010-2014) Peer Mediation Invitational for secondary school students

-       UCLA (2010-2011) students training to be community mediators

 Volunteer judge:

-       International Business Ethics Case Competition (LMU 2008-2012)


Consultant that coordinated, supervised and collaborated with:

-       multicultural teams of lawyers, paralegal and administrative staff in successful resolution of claims for:

o    Legal malpractice

o    Wrongful termination

o    Property insurance

o    Construction and commercial disputes

o    Premises liability

o    Personal injuries;


People seek out mediation once they’ve recognized that resolving conflicts through formal court or administrative processes is contentious and time-consuming, and often disproportionately expensive.  People seek a mediator who can help them get to a solution for a problem.

The traditional, formal processes provide the parties with little control over the result and when it will be final. Those formal avenues often are inefficient – if your goal is to get past the problem and get on with your life.   Mediators don’t dictate results; that’s left to judges and arbitrators in courtroom or courtroom-like settings.

The difference is that Ross will sit down with the participants and host an informal business meeting in a joint effort at problem solving.

The parties speak confidentially with each other and in private discussions with their mediator. The mediator helps people express themselves and, just as importantly, help them be heard.  The mediator can also act as a reality checker.

Whether you have a problem at work or a problem that that is turning into a court matter, consider mediation and call Cerny Civil Mediation.


Formal Education

-       University of Puget Sound School of Law (J.D.)

-       University of California at Los Angeles (B.A.)


Continuing Education and Training

2011                       Train-the-Trainers Conflict Resolution Education Course (Western Justice Center)

2010                       How to Prepare a Response to a DFEH/EEOC Charge (Shaw Valenza)

2009                       Ombudsman 101: Organizational Ombudsman (International Ombudsman Association, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution)

2009                       Essentials for Elder Adult Mediation (ARMS)

2007                       Basic Training, Transformative Mediation (REDRESS – USPS)

2007                       Staffing and Structuring Your Ethics and Compliance Program (LRN)

2006                       Mindmapping – Community Mediation Training (L.A. City Attorney DRS)

2006                       Ombudsman 101 Plus (International Ombudsman Association)

2004-2005            Employment Opportunity Commission (mediation externship)

2003                       Advanced Business and Commercial Mediation Training (LACBA DRS)

2002                     Avoiding and Resolving Construction Disputes (AMCCenter, LACBA DRS)

Inter-Cultural Mediation Training (Korean-American Coalition DRS)

                             Basic Mediation Training (LACBA DRS)


841 Alandele Avenue
Loa Angeles, CA 90036

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