Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr.

Baytown Mediation Center

Houston, Texas 77001


Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Contract, Divorce, Employment, Family, Foreclosure, Labor, Land Use, Oil and Gas, Personal Injury, Real Estate


Baytown Mediation Center seeks to bridge resolution with conflict using professional alternative dispute resolution methods. Our Mediators, Arbitrators, and Umpires have over twenty (20) years’ experience in pre-litigated alternative dispute resolution facilitation.

Our Mediators and Arbitrators are highly-credentialed neutrals with a minimum of 40 Hour Basic training in ADR from a college of higher learning and have advanced training including 30 hours of Divorce; some may be Licensed Attorneys, or Retired Judges and /or Neutrals with subject matter expertise in:

  • Construction Cases – Non-Payments, Delays, Employment Claims
  • Oil, Gas, & Refinery Contracts – ExxonMobil, Shell, Valero, Motiva, Flint Hills Resources
  • Automobile Sales Contracts – Franchised Dealers, Independent Dealers
  • Medical Malpractice Claims – Healthcare, Methodist Hospital, St. Luke’s, act.
  • Insurance Policy / Liability Claims – Geico, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, USAA, Nationwide
  • Total Loss Actual Cash Value Disputes
  • DTPA, Consumer Products – All disputes
  • Valuations & Appraisals

Alternative Dispute Resolution is the preferred method for reducing the enormous costs of litigation and time spent in courts.

Baytown Mediation Center practices professional Mediation / Arbitration / Umpire / & Neutral Alternative Dispute Resolution Services in the State of Texas. We practice ADR as a daily profession under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association.

American Arbitration Association AAA Affiliate Mediator, Arbitrator & Umpire Appointee - Mr. Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr. have been independently vetted by attorneys with expertise in litigated claims exceeding $100K.

He has demonstrated 20+ years senior-level business, professional and legal experience as an Arbitrator, Mediator & Insurance Appraisal Clause Umpire / Neutral in Federal Courts, District Courts, County-Level Courts, Justice Courts, and Municipal Courts.

Mr. Bent is a University of Houston Law Center Alumni who currently practices ADR services on a panel of qualified Mediators and Arbitrators at Baytown Mediation Center, in Baytown, Texas.

1300 Rollingbrook Drive, Suite 406
Baytown, TX 77521

P; 832-279-2368
F: 800-512-2622
E: [email protected]