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Divorce is a messy process. How do you sort it out?
When it seems things have reached the breaking point, call the Law and Mediation Offices of Sara Wasserstrom at 310-826-5432. When you feel like your heart can’t sink any lower, we offer confidential care and personal concern.

Wouldn’t you like to reach a settlement without going to court?
When you want to avoid the public eye, get mediation from a Certified Family Law Specialist. If possible, we’ll help you resolve your difficulties without standing before a judge.

Fine family law advisement in troubled times

Divorce Mediation - Pre-nuptial agreements, co-habitation agreements, out-of-court settlements, legal separation, collaborative divorce, uncontested divorce, division of assets and debts, spousal support, restraining orders, protection from abuse (PFA)
Child Custody - Paternity cases, child visitation, child custody, child support, grandparent’s rights
Negotiate for an amicable agreement with your former partner. Call the Law and Mediation Offices of Sara Wasserstrom at 310-826-5432 to start your resolution today!

State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law

Los Angeles, CA Divorce Mediation

Get a FREE consultation when you want to define or end a relationship.
Are you planning to get married? Secure your future with a formal prenuptial or co-habitation agreement. Plan ahead for the unforeseen outcomes.

Did your relationship end in disaster?
Use the Law and Mediation Offices of Sara Wasserstrom to navigate through stormy seas to a safe harbor. Our primary goal is to give you an amicable settlement out of court when possible. But if that ship has already sailed, we’ll support you all the way.

Are you in danger?
When your safety is threatened, run for the cover of legal protection. Keep yourself and your children safe from retaliation with a restraining order and / or protection from abuse.

Negotiate for an amicable agreement to avoid the hassle of court.

Family law

Prenuptial agreements
Co-habitation agreements

Divorce law

Divorce master hearing
Divorce mediation services — minimize conflict, focus on settlement
Collaborative divorce
Uncontested divorce
Legal separation
Division of assets and debts
Spousal support

Legal protection

Restraining orders
Protection from abuse (PFA)

Get the confidential care and personal concern you need from Sara Wasserstrom, Esq. Call 310-826-5432 to schedule your appointment today!

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