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Supreme Court Certified Family and Civil Mediator
Fort Myers, Florida 33901


Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Collaborative Divorce, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Elder, Family, Guardianship, LGBT, Paternity, Same Sex Disputes

I am a Supreme Court Certified Family and Civil Mediator. I facilitate negotiations to resolve conflicts between individuals in the areas of Divorce, Caring for Aging Relatives, Developing Parenting Plans, Re-Organizing Family Businesses and many other areas of dispute that can result in litigation.

I am a Board Certified Marital & Family Law attorney but have dedicated my practice to working with families that have rejected the litigation method for collaborative law or mediation. As a Collaborative Attorney I use my expertise in the area of family law to facilitate the collaborative process or represent clients through a negotiated dissolution of marriage or other family law matter. As a Qualified Parenting Coordinator I work with parents in high conflict situations to develop better parenting skills and work toward co-parenting without conflict.

I am a public speaker on topics of negotiation, elder mediation, family mediation and diversity. I have given presentations to the State and Local Bar Associations, the State Dispute Resolution Conferences and National Corporations. I love sharing my message that anyone can be a great negotiator and improve their lives through thoughtful negotiations.

I am also a conflict and negotiations coach, working with individuals to prepare for and participate in high level negotiations or work through personal conflict situations. In cases when one of the parties will not participate in a mediated negotiation I often work with the other parties to reduce conflict and work to resolving the issues without litigation.
I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family and Circuit Civil Mediator and Qualified Parent Coordinator. I am also a Board Certified Marital and Family Law attorney and I recognize that litigation is the least favorable means to resolve conflict in any family. I have therefore dedicated my career to assisting families to resolve their personal issues without the need of judicial intervention through mediation, collaborative representation and parent coordination.

I know that litigation is emotionally stressful and financially costly. I also know there are alternatives to litigation that will lead to positive results for all parties involved in family disputes, whether considering the care for an aging parent, disputes between siblings over inheritance or the management of a family business, the dissolution of a marriage or issues of how best to educate, discipline and raise children. I also offer training on negotiation and mediation to attorneys, health care workers, educators and children.

Every person needs to know skills of how to negotiate but, unfortunately, this is seldom taught in school. In learning these skills conflict can often be avoided or reduced and, when it does occur, conflict can be resolved in a more favorable manner.
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