Stanley Posthumus

Stanley Posthumus, Mediator and Counselor

Morristown, New Jersey 07960


Adoption, Alimony, Child Custody, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Family, Guardianship, Legal Separation, Same Sex Disputes


Divorce can break both relationships and people, and our job is to make sure that does not happen. We know how painful and difficult facing divorce can be. "I am Stan Posthumus, and I am here to be your friend and confidant to see that you, and especially your children, come through this without being broken."

Whether you are facing a divorce, or minor relationship conflict, you will eventually be required to make decisions about things you have never considered. We are here to help make sure that you make good ones. With decades of experience, specializing in divorce and family relationship problems, we operate not only here in New Jersey, but across the country and internationally as well! Whatever your questions may be, please feel free to call me today for your FREE CONSULTATION! CALL 1 888 735-2838 or TOLL FREE 1(888)REL-ATE8 .

Still have questions? See what our clients have to say, or just watch their video testimonials! We take pride in being different from other mediators and lawyers. Here at BeyondWinWin, innovation is a habit.

Qualifications – As the developer of Focused Thinking Mediation I have studied mediation over 20+ years and am uniquely qualified as a mediator and trainer of other mediators
  • *I have studied communication, conflict resolution and mediation for over 20 years.  In contrast most mediators and lawyers who call themselves mediators have only taken a 40 hour mediation course, and do not view mediation as their main livelihood.
  • *My private mediation practice is full time and have experience mediating over 2000 divorce cases.
  • *I have one of the highest mediation success rates (95+%) including high conflict cases.  Virtually all matters are settled amicably and in a lasting way which is important for the sake of your children and for your relationship as parents.  Most mediators have a settlement rate of about 60% and are unable to help with high-conflict cases.  Lawyers "win" 50% of their cases and lose 50%.
  • *This was the subject of a study in the Michigan Family Courts that found even couples who had spent up to 10 years litigating and been in court up to 200 times for divorce related disputes were helped in a way that taught them to communicate and resolve their own issues successfully in the future.
  • *I have trained numerous other mediators and presented workshops to professionals at mediation conferences world-wide.
  • *I am affiliated with the recognized professional mediator associations and serve on their committees and panels.
  • *I have degrees in social work and law and worked in a law firm specializing in divorce prior to becoming a mediator.
  • *I pride myself on professionalism and personal attention and most of my clients come from referrals - that speaks volumes!
  • *Refer to the credentials page for more details and review the client testimonials.

Does your spouse refuse to listen? - At Beyond Win-Win you will learn valuable communication skills that will improve all your relationships! Think of the benefits for your children!

Lasting Results – You’ll learn how to resolve future conflicts jointly without having to return to mediation.

Is Divorce your only option? - Many couples reconcile after Beyond Win-Win style mediation!

Compassion and personal attention – You need someone with empathy and personal commitment to your case to help you through your divorce.

Speedy Resolution – Most cases will be settled in one or two sessions so you take minimal time off work.

Convenient – I usually meet clients in their homes and adapt to your schedule

Reasonable Fees – Clients have saved thousands of dollars!

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