Trina Nycol Brown

Mediators of Tarrant County

Dallas, Texas 75001


Accident, Contract, Discrimination, Employment, Family, Healthcare, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Mediation Training, Non Compete, Personal Injury, Workplace, Wrongful Termination

Trina Nycol Brown, MPS, CAM

With over two decades of legal experience, Trina Nycol Brown marries practical experience and academic orientation. Mrs. Brown founded Mediators of Tarrant County where she mediates civil, family, and workplace cases and trains future mediators through her State Bar of Texas credentialed Minimum Credentialing Legal Education (MCLE) training.

Mrs. Brown is a Texas Mediation Credentialing Association member and Credentialed Advanced Mediator. Trina was spotlighted in the Texas Bar Journal as one of four Credentialed Advanced Mediators in Tarrant County, Texas. She also serves as a court-appointed mediator for both Dallas and Tarrant County Courthouses and as an Arbitrator for the Tarrant County Bar Association. Mrs. Brown was awarded membership into the Pro Bono College of the State Bar of Texas for outstanding pro bono legal service as well as the Texas Bar College, an honor society chartered by the Supreme Court of Texas. Mrs. Brown holds certificates in Basic Mediation, Family Mediation, Change Management, Paralegal Management, Paralegal Studies, and Legal Studies.

An award-winning instructor/professor and subject-matter expert in alternative dispute resolution, Mrs. Brown provided professorial instruction to students within an American Bar Association approved paralegal studies program and is a Mediation Course Facilitator within Texas Christian University’s Extended Education program. She also served on multiple paralegal advisory boards where she partnered with others in legal education to advise on and develop comprehensive legal curriculums. Mrs. Brown has been appointed to chair positions and board appointments both in Texas and Pennsylvania. She has written and contributed to numerous publications, has lead workshops, and has conducted speaking engagements on the legal profession.

901 West Bardin Road, Suite 303
Arlinton, TX 76017

P: 682-422-4750
E: [email protected]