William F. Askin

William Askin Esq.

Mediator and Arbitrator
Morgantown, West Virginia 26501


Civil, Consumer Protection, Contract, Education, Employment, Environmental, Foreclosure, Juvenile, Land Use, Landlord/Tenant, Real Estate, Same Sex Disputes, Water Rights, Workplace

 Experience, Training and Skills

I am a Certified Transformative Mediator®, as recognized by the Center for the Study of Conflict Transformation.  That means I am trained to deal with relationships as well as to help you work on problems.
I mediate employer-employee workplace disputes for the Transportation Safety Administration.

I mediate federal court cases filed in the Western District Court of Pennsylvania.

In addition to mediating, I facilitate Victim-Offender Dialogues.  These face-face meetings are a form of restorative justice where victim and offender can avoid the impersonal experience of adjudicating a juvenile's case through court.

I am a lawyer licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, since 1993.  Much of my work relates to Real Estate and Land Use.

I  have a Master's degree in Environmental Law, from Vermont Law School, 1993.
I have an undergraduate degree in Meteorology, so I have a good understanding of math, physics and thermodynamics, should that be useful in understanding your situation.

I have work experience as a classroom teacher, and radio and TV staff worker.
In addition to mediation work, I also am a facilitator for groups and individuals in outdoor settings, on what is called a "ropes" course or adventure course.  These experiential activities offer direct opportunities to learn about intra-personal and inter-personal behaviors.  I can design and facilitate such experiences for groups and individuals who want to improve the way they do things.  These experiential activities often establish a foundation for improved relationships now - so that people avoid problems later.

I am currently continuing semi-annual group facilitator training through the Hero's Journey Foundation.
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  What Mediation Can Do

Many conflicts grow from a simple failure to understand the other person.  A mediation session offers the opportunity for you to tell your story in a way that the other person understands.  
Once the parties understand each other, they are more ready to move forward to a resolution that ALL are satisfied with.  Which would you rather have?  (1) You and your opponent go to court, where each risks getting nothing that they want;   OR:  (2) You and your "opponent" obtain much of what each wants by working things out in a mediated setting.
Mediation is a facilitated discussion.  I can help you set up a comfortable space for an open discussion of your dispute.
You do not have to wait until the problem reaches a high level of tension or disagreement.  You do not have to wait until the dispute reaches the level of court litigation.  For parties already legally entangled, mediation can often help them reach a satisfactory agreement for less time, money and uncertainty than if the parties go to court.  You can still use your lawyer for advice, even as you go through the mediation process.

 If you are willing to try working through your problem with a mediator - but you are not sure if your opponent is willing -  send them this information and/or contact me.  I am willing to talk to the other person to encourage their willingness to try mediation.  
Groups also successfully use mediated discussions to evaluate problems, brainstorm solutions, and revitalize and repair relationships.  I offer my service to you for any and all such needs.
Remember - Mediation will never work - unless you give it a try.
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