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Bill Freeman has been registered as a General Mediator, a Domestic Relations Mediator and an Arbitrator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution since 1998. He has mediated conflicts involving business, civil, criminal, divorce, and domestic relations issues and has served on two arbitration panels. Bill is founder of Freeman Mediation Services which provides mediation and   reconciliation services to individuals, corporations, churches, and courts in North Georgia.        

Bill is also a Certified Christian Conciliator, having been trained in the process of reconciliation by Peacemaker Ministries of Billings, MT, including advanced training in marriage conflicts.  The process of reconciliation focuses not just on resolving the substantive issues of a dispute, but also on restoring the relationship between the parties involved in the dispute. 

He is also certified as a coach, trainer, and speaker by the John Maxwell Team and certified as a Marriage Mentor by Strong Marriages of Dallas, TX.


During his 25 year corporate career Bill Freeman served as a Vice President of two large corporations.  He then founded and operated two small businesses for over 15 years..  His experience includes:

-    Served as an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers.

-    At age 28, as Plant Manager of a 100+ employee plant, he negotiated a collective bargaining agreement to impasse, managed the plant through an eight month violent strike, decertified the union, and then transitioned the plant to non-union operation.  The plant was a top performing operation for years afterward.

-    Negotiated the purchase of a company producing high performance food packaging products.

-    As VP Operations of PRIDE Enterprises, transformed six independent divisions into a coordinated Operations Department. 

-    After negotiations to purchase a large refrigerated warehouse had stalled, Mr. Freeman was assigned as lead negotiator and was able to work out a deal.  At the closing the seller remarked: “I know why they sent you to negotiate for them.  I would not have reached an agreement with anyone else.


BS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing from The University of Texas at Austin


Bill and his wife Sandy have been married over 40 years and raised six children. Bill has served as an Elder at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA and at Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, GA.

Since 1998, Freeman Mediation Services has facilitated court referred and private mediations for individuals and organizations.  While we have mediated a multitude of dispute issues, our primary areas of focus are business issues and divorce or family issues

As an experienced negotiator and a Certified Christian Conciliator, Bill Freeman is skilled at creating a collaborative, non-adversarial environment in which his clients can resolve their disputes and reach an agreement.  This saves his clients time, money, and emotional energy by minimizing personal attacks and focusing on the issues.  This is particularly valuable to couples in the divorce process.  If they can work through the difficult divorce process with a minimum of conflict and bitterness, they will be better prepared to co-parent their children after the divorce.

Bill also assists corporate and ministry clients to reduce the cost of conflict in the workplace by establishing a culture of cooperation in their organizations.  We offer training, coaching, and mediation services as appropriate, which equips clients to “Transform Conflicts Into Opportunities” for individual growth and increased organizational effectiveness.

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