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Grand Prairie to Ratify ICF Mediation Terms
7/13/2020 12:22:51 PM
Description: Both the city and county of Grand Prairie are about to ratify the mediation terms for the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF). Both the city and county councils are expected to receive the agreement next week.   The City Council will

Glebe BIA and Councilor Shawn Menard Agree to Mediation
7/13/2020 12:20:29 PM
Description: Councilor Shawn Menard and the Glebe BIA have agreed to attempt mediation after Menard was terminated from his position on the BIA board at the end of June. Both parties agreed to “enter into a new process of understanding and

Union Calling for Federal Mediator
7/6/2020 11:11:39 AM
Description: The Bath Iron Works Union is calling for a federal mediator to resolve its strike and allow workers to get back on the job. The strike currently affects more than 4000 members of the Machinists Union Local S6. They went on strike following their

Mediation Could Help Businesses with COVID-19 Disputes
6/10/2020 11:33:16 AM
Description: The US is encouraging businesses to avoid lawsuits related to the COVID-19 pandemic by utilizing mediation. There are concerns that the virus and everything that it triggered will result in numerous lawsuits that will overload the court system and

New Mediation Center Announces Opening in London
6/10/2020 11:32:18 AM
Description:   A group of experienced mediators has come together to open the London Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation (LCAM). The London-based alternative dispute resolution center opened in late May and features a panel of nearly two dozen mediators

Trader Joe’s Delivery Drivers Classified as IC’s Entering Mediation
6/3/2020 11:03:21 AM
Description: Mediation is up next for the dispute involving NFL and Trader Joe’s regarding driver classification. The lawsuit was filed five years ago on behalf of NFI drivers. The case included a long list of documents that illustrate how long it is taken

Australian Milk Supply Agreements Must Contain Mediation Clause
5/5/2020 3:46:49 PM
Description: Updates to the Australian Dairy Code of Conduct must include a mediation clause, as well as several other requirements including a statement that justifies minimum prices. The changes are a major shakeup for the industry and require processors to

Additional Claims Filed against Bayer Regarding Roundup as Mediation Slows during COVID-19 Pandemic
5/5/2020 3:46:01 PM
Description:   The number of plaintiffs involved in lawsuits against Bayer related to its glyphosate-based weed-killing product continues to rise. This is despite the slow-down in mediation due to the coronavirus. According to Bayer, there are currently

Coronavirus Has Brought An Increase In The Request For Video Mediation For Divorcing Couples
4/8/2020 3:18:45 PM
Description: Mediation is known to be one of the best tools for resolving divorce and those while ending their marriages during the COVID-19 outbreak are not changing that trend.  The change they are making is conducting business via video conference.

Settlement Reached for City of Daphne an AT&T
2/21/2020 1:46:11 PM
Description: The ongoing legal battle between the City of Daphne and AT&T will soon be over thanks to mediation.  The so-called “turf war” has been raging for about 18 months over orange and white utility markers in roads throughout the