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Union President Rallies Strikers as Mediation Talks Continue for Bath Machinists
9/3/2020 11:47:12 AM
Description: The international president of the Machinists union encouraged Bath Iron Works workers to stay strong as mediation talks continue. Robert Martinez Jr. accused the shipyard of “corporate greed” and told workers “there is no way in

Mediation Could Settle Dispute between Mosaic and Desoto County
4/26/2019 12:00:01 PM
Description: Residents of Desota County will participate in a mediation session in an attempt to resolve an issue with Mosaic, a company that wants to mine phosphate on thousands of acres of land in the community. The battle has been ongoing for some time and

Mediation Next Step in Dispute between City and Bull Moose Tube Company
9/3/2018 10:24:49 PM
Description: Those involved in the Bull Moose Tube Company versus the city dispute are hoping mediation will put an end to the problems.  The two sides have taken yet another step toward resolution by beginning mediation talks.   According to Nathan

Three Rivers Mediation Begins
7/13/2018 11:25:26 AM
Description: The mediation to resolve the controversial proposal to annex and amalgamate several communities in eastern PEI has begun.  Residents who will be affected by the outcome of the mediation are hoping to be allowed to share their stories during the

Mediation to Help Nurses and Patients at Bethel College
5/20/2017 6:08:55 PM
Description: Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas is the only college in Kansas offering a course in Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies as part of its general education requirements.   Since the college is one of the most popular nursing programs

Verizon Workers against Mediation Attempt
6/29/2016 12:26:30 PM
Description: Striking Verizon workers are concerned the intervention from the president’s administration into their contract talks, as well as the blackout being imposed by the Communication Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of

Tennessee Non-Profit Leaders Get Educated about Gang Mediation
5/16/2016 5:18:01 PM
Description:   Knoxville, Tennessee leaders are in the process of learning about gang mediation, another step in their efforts to stop gang violence in the community. The latest push came after the gang-related deaths of Zaevion Dobson and his adolescent

Treasure Hunters, North Carolina Enter Mediation over Pirate Ship
5/23/2015 1:22:39 PM
Description: Normally, when old sunken ships are discovered within the boundaries of a State such as North Carolina in the United States, the salvage company (often referred to as ‘treasure hunters’) and the State split the proceeds. In the case of

Proposed Police Merger in Georgia Urged into Mediation
4/10/2015 4:56:07 PM
Description: A merger between the police departments of two Georgia towns has been in limbo ever since the county ordered the merger dissolved in 2013 after it had been in place for more than a decade. The town councils have sent a letter to the county

Successful Mediation of Leasing Disputes
12/8/2014 5:36:00 PM
Description: By Steven B. Corenblum and Barry Marks    Many leasing attorneys object to mediating lessor–lessee disputes.  Some feel that the law is clear enough in favor of the lessor or lender to result in a quick victory in court.