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Mediation Continues for Los Angeles Teachers
10/23/2018 12:44:01 PM
Description: Despite ongoing efforts to remedy the contract dispute between the Los Angeles Unified School District and its teachers, the two sides seem far from a resolution and the teachers’ union is hurling accusations at the school

Mediation Ahead for West Preston Lawsuit
10/18/2018 8:57:42 PM
Description: All parties included in the lawsuit concerning the construction of the West Preston School have been ordered into mediation by the judge overseeing the case.  The first mediation session will take place in November.   This comes after a

Winona Teachers Requesting Mediation to Help with Salary Negotiations
10/18/2018 8:56:12 PM
Description: Representatives from the Winona Education Association recently stated they will file for mediation as the next step in their contract negotiations with Winona Area Public Schools.   The ongoing negotiations concern the teachers’

Mediation Begins for Teachers and Oakland Unified School District
10/4/2018 3:18:59 PM
Description: The Oakland Education Association teachers union and the Oakland Unified School District are headed to mediation to resolve their current contract dispute.   According to the teachers, negotiations reached a “bargaining showdown”

Mediation Resolves Nicholas County Schools Dispute
9/21/2018 1:09:11 PM
Description: Mediation has, once again, resolved a dispute within the public school system.   According to Nicholas County School Superintendent Donna Burge-Tetrick, this was always going to be the case.  The goal was to replace the county’s

Mediation Last Hope for Kennewick Teachers
9/3/2018 10:25:39 PM
Description: According to Kennewick teachers, negotiations between the teachers union and the school board have come to a standstill.  Though there is hope that mediation will be successful, the teachers and their union have stated if there is no resolution

Mediation Continues between New Zealand Teachers and the Ministry of Education
8/20/2018 12:48:47 PM
Description:   Despite two days’ worth of mediation talks between the New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) TE Riu Roa and the Ministry of Education, there is still no resolution in the dispute.  What participants are calling “eleventh

Mountain View School District Dispute Headed to Mediation
8/4/2018 4:56:34 PM
Description: The ongoing independent negotiations regarding Mountain View School District have drawn to a close and the issue regarding contract negotiations is headed to mediation, which is set to begin August 16th.  This will be less than a week before

Successful Mediation for Sidney Teachers
7/20/2018 7:23:25 PM
Description: Mediation has proven successful for the Sidney Education Association’s teachers’ union and the Sidney School Board.  The two groups reached a tentative three-year contract deal that will move them forward out of their ongoing

Northampton Board of Commissioners and Board of Education Reach Agreement in Mediation
7/20/2018 7:20:47 PM
Description: It took several hours, but the Northampton Board of Commissioners and the Northampton Board of Education reached an agreement regarding funding for the 2018-2019 fiscal year through mediation.   The Board approved the budget proposal for the