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Schenectady Paraprofessionals Seek Living Wage in Mediation Sessions
10/17/2019 3:42:30 PM
Description: Paraprofessionals who work in the Schenectady school system as hall monitors, classroom and office assistants, and special education aides are headed to mediation in an attempt to receive a “living wage.” Contract negotiations have been

Milwaukee Mediation Center Offering Training in Mediation for Family Law Workers
1/5/2019 3:46:47 PM
Description: Resolving differences between family members, especially in-laws, can be problematic.  Unfortunately, even minor issues can turn into battles that last for years and tear families apart.  Many of these issues even have a legal angle,

Rhode Island Teachers Nearing Resolution in Contract Dispute
9/2/2017 5:15:54 PM
Description: Despite efforts to negotiate a new contract between Warwick Rhode Island teachers and the School Committee, the dispute will head back to mediation.   According to the independent mediator overseeing the talks, the two sides have been told

Fargo School District and Teachers’ Union Headed to Mediation
6/16/2017 7:21:55 PM
Description: The ongoing dispute between the Fargo School District and the Fargo Education Association is now headed to mediation.  The announcement was made on June 5th that the president, CEO, and chairman of the board for Gate City Bank, Steve Swiontek

Mediation to Help Nurses and Patients at Bethel College
5/20/2017 6:08:55 PM
Description: Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas is the only college in Kansas offering a course in Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies as part of its general education requirements.   Since the college is one of the most popular nursing programs

Washougal District and Teachers’ Union Head to Mediation
12/5/2015 12:33:38 PM
Description: Mediation has begun for the Washougal School District and its teachers’ union after independent contract negotiations failed. The existing contract of three years expired August 31, 2015.   Both parties agreed to participate in

Prosser, Washington Teachers Headed to Mediation
9/15/2015 11:27:48 AM
Description: The Prosser teachers union and representatives for the Prosser School District will use mediation to determine details of the new contract, in an effort to avoid a potential teachers’ strike. The groups announced their intention to try

School District and Teachers Hopeful Contract Negotiations Will Soon be Settled through Mediation
9/3/2015 3:45:29 PM
Description: Mediation appears to be working in the Huntley school board and teachers negotiations. The negotiations include officials from the Huntley school district and the Huntley Education Association, the area teachers union. Union representatives stated

Desert Sands School District Calls for and Mediation with Teachers
2/12/2015 10:55:55 PM
Description: After contract negotiations that began in June of 2014 have failed to produce an agreement between the Desert Sands Unified School District and the teacher’s union, the district formally called for both sides to agree on a choice of mediator.

Mediator “Walks Away” from B.C. Teacher Mediation
9/6/2014 2:59:41 PM
Description: Public school openings have been delayed across British Columbia due to breakdown in the mediation process between the Education Ministry and the B.C. Teachers Federation (BCTF), which is currently on strike.  Negotiations had been going on