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Mediation Ahead for Canby School District and Teachers
12/4/2019 6:03:10 AM
Description: After months of unsuccessful bargaining with the teachers’ union, the Canby School District has filed for mediation.  The Canby Education Association, which is the union that represents the certified teachers in the district and the

Mediation Ahead for College of DuPage Staff
11/25/2019 12:31:54 PM
Description: Hundreds of faculty members, students, and people in the community rallied in support of College of DuPage employees recently. The goal of the rally was to show support for faculty who would be participating in an upcoming mediation session

Former Law Firm Partners Cellino and Barnes Headed to Mediation
11/18/2019 1:02:29 PM
Description: Mediation is the next step for attorneys Ross Cellino and Stephen Barnes regarding their ongoing dispute over their decision to dissolve their firm or continue practicing together. The trial has been scheduled for January 14, 2020, should the issue

Florida Supreme Court in Search of Mediators
11/18/2019 1:00:12 PM
Description: The work of mediators has been so successful in the Fourteenth Judicial Court in Florida that the Supreme Court is looking for additional people to fill the role. Mediators have taken numerous cases off of court dockets and allowed them to be

Mediation Successful in Teen Mom Custody Dispute
11/8/2019 5:11:01 PM
Description: Amber Portwood, start of the hit television reality show Teen mom settled an ongoing custody battle with Andrew Glennon, father of her one-year-old son James. The custody battle began after Portwood was accused of threatening and assaulting Glennon

Judge Appoints Mediator in PG&E Wildfire Case
11/8/2019 5:09:23 PM
Description: A judge has appointed a mediator to help resolve the dispute over control of PG&E. The announcement came shortly after the company agreed to extend the deadline wildfire victims have to seek payment as part of the PG&E’s bankruptcy

Mediation Could Play a Role in Plutonium Dispute
10/23/2019 1:02:21 PM
Description: The federal government has announced the mediation could play a role in resolving South Carolina’s plutonium fines lawsuit. Previous negotiation attempts have proven unsuccessful thus far, but according to a September 27th court filing,

Blackjewel Bankruptcy Case has New Mediation Date
10/23/2019 1:01:19 PM
Description: A mediation order has been issued by the US bankruptcy court concerning Blackjewel and Blackjewel miners. The mediation is set to take place on November 4th. The mediation follows a two-month protest in Cumberland, KY regarding the mine. Despite the

Assault Charges Filed against Saskatchewan MLA Headed to Mediation
10/8/2019 12:12:34 PM
Description: The assault charge against Saskatchewan Rivers MLA Nadine Wilson related to an incident that involved an 87-year-old woman and her son is going to mediation instead of through the criminal courts. Should the mediation prove successful, the criminal

Lawsuit Filed against New England Fat Loss Headed to Mediation
10/8/2019 12:11:48 PM
Description: Mediation will hopefully resolve the class action lawsuit filed in federal court against New England Fat Loss, a weight loss clinic in Boston. According to the complaint, the clinic was calling and texting people who were listed on the national do