What are the Benefits of Family Mediation Over Using a Lawyer?

What are the Benefits of Family Mediation Over Using a Lawyer?

Family law disputes can involve a variety of legal issues, including divorce, property division, child support, spousal support or child custody arrangements, just to name a few. There are generally two paths available for people confronting these legal challenges to seek a resolution: litigation or mediation. As a seasoned litigator and experienced mediator, Steven Garver understands the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Below, we discuss the advantages of mediation over litigation. Our highly skilled family legal team at Garver Law Offices can discuss when mediation would be a good option for your case.

Less Expensive
Mediation is usually less expensive than using a lawyer. Lawyers often charge a high hourly rate. The more conflict there is, the more likely it will be that your lawyer has to expend additional time to make discovery requests and legal motions. You may also have multiple hearings for which you must pay your lawyer to attend.

Mediation costs can be split between the parties. Mediation may help resolve legal problems in as little as a day, so there are not ongoing expenses like there is when you involve a lawyer.

Mediation can resolve family legal issues much faster than litigation. You do not have to wait for a clear spot in the court docket to address your issues. You and the other party can arrange mediation when it is convenient for you. Working out family legal issues sooner can have positive benefits, such as avoiding additional costs involved in litigation and being able to get along better with the other party.

Preservation of Family Relationships
Mediation is a collaborative process that is focused on addressing problems in a respectful manner. Therefore, families who participate in mediation are far more likely to be able to preserve a civil relationship than families that battle it out in court.

Privacy and Confidentiality
The mediation process is private and not held in open court. This allows you to maintain your privacy. Additionally, the process is confidential. Anything you say in mediation cannot later be used against you in court if you are unable to reach a compromise in mediation. This aspect makes it more likely that the parties will openly communicate and not withhold information in order to gain some type of legal advantage.

More Likely to Amicably Resolve Issues
Because mediation is founded on respect and civility, you are more likely to resolve your issues in an amicable manner. You will also have a blueprint for how to address any issues that come up in the future in a way that allows you to avoid unnecessary legal expenses.
Creative Solutions
No one knows your family better than you do. Mediation allows you and the other party to reach creative solutions that will work for you and your family. You are in control of the outcome of your case.

For more information on the mediation process and why it is a good alternative to litigation, visit the firm’s website at www.divorcemediationassociatesva.com or call 703-471-1090.

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What are the Benefits of Family Mediation Over Using a Lawyer?