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Coal Ash Lawsuit Mediation Extended in Hopes of Finding Resolution
6/25/2019 11:18:40 AM
Description: The parties involved in trying to resolve the federal lawsuit concerning the cleanup of the 2008 Kingston coal ash disaster now have more time to resolve their dispute. US Magistrate Judge Bruce Guyton granted the coal ash workers and the Texas

Kingston Coal Workers Headed to Mediation
1/18/2019 3:42:02 PM
Description:   The nation’s first and largest case of mass poisoning by coal ash is headed to mediation. A federal judge recently ordered the contractor and sickened workers to the bargaining table to see if they could reach a settlement on their

Timber Company Dispute Headed to Mediation
2/5/2018 11:06:17 PM
Description: A family arguing over shares in a timber company are headed to mediation.  The McCaughey family will attempt to resolve their dispute over IJM Timber Engineering Ltd outside of the courtroom.  They are the primary shareholders in the

Bend Sewer Issue Headed to Mediation
11/6/2016 10:27:10 AM
Description: The city of Bend has stated the Washington-based contractor involved in the sewer project is guilty of mismanagement and the parties are in the midst of trying to settle the dispute. The dispute arose after Bend’s sewer treatment plan

Residents Will Fund Erosion Mediation
1/7/2016 4:00:13 PM
Description: Residents along the 200 foot stretch of town on Great Bay Street in the Maravista area of West Virginia will be footing the bill to fix the problems with erosion. The decision was made at the December 21st meeting and was unanimously approved by the

New Zealand Wastewater Treatment Facility Issues Could Be Settled in Mediation
11/13/2015 6:29:14 PM
Description: The Wanganui District Council in New Zealand is positive a resolution will soon be reached in its multi-million dollar claim filed against MWH Global, an international engineering firm. The company designed Wanganui’s wastewater treatment

New Zealand Company Ordered to Mediation
9/23/2015 1:42:54 PM
Description: A judge in New Zealand recently ordered MWH Global, an international engineering company to proceed with mediation in its dispute with the Wanganui District Council. The goal is to resolve a multi-million dollar claim by the council. MWH Global is

Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Runway Renovation Dispute Settled in Mediation
4/10/2015 5:02:32 PM
Description: A federal lawsuit stemming from renovation and repair work on the runway at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport may be headed for a settlement if airport officials approve a proposed deal hammered out in a mediation process. The work on the runway

Hope Mills Dam Mediation Fails
3/13/2014 12:13:57 PM
Description: Hope Mills Dam Mediation Fails   Mediation between the town of Hope Mills in North Carolina, USA, and the companies hired to repair the dam that created Hope Mills Lake, failed to result in a solution, and the town announced that its $10

The Art of the Opening Statement
9/9/2013 11:23:16 AM
Description: By Elliot G. Hicks                 People have commented so often on the loss of opportunities to actually take cases to trial that little more needs to be said about it.