Glenn N. Solomon

Glenn N. Solomon, Mediator

Great Falls, Montana 59405


Civil Rights, Discrimination, Employment, Labor, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour, WDEA, Whistleblower, Workplace, Wrongful Termination

*  Former Clerk to the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court;

*  Trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution at the Cornell ILR;

*  On the Cornell panel of mediators for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

for Licensee Rule Violation and Whistle Blower cases;

* Publications: The Montana Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act, Twenty

Years Later, You Could be Fired for Reading This Book: Protect Your Employment Rights; Numerous Op Ed pieces on Labor and Economics in such newspapers as

The Christian Science Monitor, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Oregonian.

Glenn has over 30 years of experience in Employment and Labor Law.  He has

practiced law on the employee/labor and management sides.  Glenn has made

an important contribution to the literature on the Montana Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act that has been cited in scholarly journals.  He brings significant training and experience in alternative dispute resolution to bear on whatever employment dispute at hand. 

Rates: $200.00 per hour plus a $200.00 travel allowance.

News:  Glenn is slated to be a keynote speaker at the annual conference of the Manifest Center for Societal Analysis in Oslo, Norway in March of 2016.

 Call or email for available dates: (503) 241-3508; [email protected]

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P: 503-241-3508
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