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Sharon Bayus

Sharon Bayus is the founder, President and CEO of Innovative Alternatives, Inc., a nonprofit agency that serves our community through mediation and counseling programs.

Family Reconciliation & Intervention Mediation (Couples, generational or parent-child when appropriate), Eldercare & Guardianship, Employment, Multi-Party Team/Business &/or Personnel Grievance, Non-Profit, Faith-Based Individual & Organizational Formats on request, Child Custody or Support Modification, Collaborative Divorce, Co-Parenting Plans, Divorce or Modification. IA also offers an array of counseling & training services—call to inquire. 713-222-2525

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a forum in which the mediator facilitates communication between parties to promote reconciliation, settlement or understanding between them. Our mediators guide disputing parties through proven stages of communication that promotes reconciliation, settlement and/or understanding between them. The mediator does not impose judgment on the issues and, the two parties create an agreement according to the their own terms.

1335 Regents Park Drive, Suite 240
Houston, TX 77058

P: 713-222-2525
F: 281-480-4815
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